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We Accept DHS Assistance

Thank you for your interest in our Preschool/Child Care Program. We are a non-profit educational organization located in West Des Moines, Iowa. AlRazi Academy is always  aiming for quality learning opportunities and environments for young children by developing, implementing, and monitoring preschool, infants and toddlers programs and services provided by, or in partnership with, Uited Way.  We strongly believe that high quality research-based early learning experiences are essential to build a foundation to successfully achieve the social and academic challenges of school-age programs.

Our Educational Program is based on the latest research of how children learn best, each of the thematic units are aligned to School Readiness Goals, and State Early Childhood Standards! using Kaplan Learn Every Day Curriculum. 

Teachers in the classroom -using the knowledge from Early Childhood Education- work with children in nine learning areas: Personal and Social Development, Language - Literacy, Mathematical Thinking, Scientific Thinking, Arts and Physical Development, Technology and Special Project Approach Days. 

Our programs are open to all children regardless of race, religion, color, sex or national origin.

Each learning areas is considered as teacher set up appropriate materials for exploration for children’s first-hand experiences. Each study topic is explored for several weeks. The children have an opportunity to ask questions while explore the material and also share experience with peers.

AlRazi Academy aims to create a safe and nurturing environment that where students aspire for excellence in education, integrity and leadership skills to better serve humanity

Our Small classes setup make our educational environment very unique. The students can enjoy the beautiful diversity in this world, build self confidence, express themselves in a loving, caring family environment.

We will be happy to schedule a tour and answer your questions meanwhile; please don't hesitate to contract us if you have further question or need more information.

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