All school programs will be open to all children regardless of race, religion, color, sex or national origin. It will be based upon the Board of Education admittance policy.

Children with special needs requiring trained personnel and/or programs to meet their needs are encouraged to seek services designed for that express purpose.

Our School seeks students with the potential to benefit from and to succeed in the school’s unique academic and enrichment programs.

The primary goal throughout the admissions process is to provide information about the school while learning as much as possible about the prospective student. The School considers the benefit of both the applicant as an individual as well as the school community as a whole.

1. Parents meet with Program Director/Principal and tour the School.

The Director/Principal will introduce the School to parents and inform them of the mission and vision of the School. Parents will learn more about our program and the curriculum taught at the School. This will be an opportunity for parents to ask questions and discuss anything with the Program Principal. The tour will provide parents a glimpse of School environment and learning experience.

If you’re interested in scheduling a meeting and tour of the school, please call us at (515) 255-0220 or email our office at

2. Completion of the Application for Admissions. There is a process fee of $85.

If interested, parents will be asked to complete a short application for admissions and return it to the AlRazi Academy's office for processing. The processing fee is $85.

3. Kindergarten age students are assessed based on general knowledge, ability to follow instructions, number concept, auditory skills, paper-pencil skills, language concepts, visual skills, and the gross motor skills.

4. Parents provide a copy of the past two years report cards if applicable.

5. Parents receive notification of decision regarding admission.

Students are selected from qualified applicants on the following basis:
Scores on placement test or similar evaluation
Transcript of grades and test scores
Interview by the Program Director. The Program Director and/or School Head will make the decision after screening the qualified applicants and considering space availability.
If all other factors are equal, an applicant with a siblings already enrolled will be accepted over other candidates. However, this policy does not guarantee automatic admission.

6. Parents complete enrollment process and submit payment fees.

Prior to attending, parents are required to provide a copy of an updated physical exam & immunization records and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. These documents are required to be on file prior to the first day of school.

For Enrollment Information Please call 515-255-0220 or email: