Elementary and secondary School,
EARLY CHILDHOOD & Child care Center

AlRazi Academy-  Is a non-profit, private educational organization located in West Des Moines, Iowa. Our mission is to provide students with high quality academic and character education.

AlRazi Academy aims to create a safe and nurturing environment where students aspire for excellence in education, integrity and leadership skills to better serve humanity

*All school programs will be open to all children regardless of race, religion, color, sex or national origin.

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Elementary School
المراحل الابتدائيه

الصف الاول الى السادس

middle school
المراحل الاعداديه

السابع والثامن  

AlRazi Academy Early Childhood and Child Care 

Thank you for visiting our website. You can visit our Preschool and child care  page by clicking here 

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Qur'an competition

Iowa Annual Qura'an Competition click here


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Quick Links 
Child care assistance application form (dhs)

We accept Child Care Assistance. Click here for  DHS Child Care Assistance Application Form . To apply online click here

Des Moines Area Religious Council

Working together to meet basic human needs for the greater Des Moines community.  Click here


AlRazi Academy partnered with United Way through ECQUIP Program. The Consultants work with us and our staff to ensure providing the Quality education and care. 

AlRazi Academy is Participating in Iowa Quality Rating System. Adding stars for your star

Moving to Iowa

Welcome to Iowa. A beautiful state and nice people. 

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للحجز والاستفسار انقر هنا
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حضانه و رعاية طفل

من الميلاد لعمر ٥ سنوات

وكذلك للاعمار ٦سنوات الى ١٣ سنه

 اكاديمية الرازي الاسلاميه

نعتمد مناهج ولايه ايوا الامريكيه للتمهيدي والمراحل الابتدائيه والاعداديه بالاضافه الى اللغه العربيه والقران والتربيه الاسلاميه

مدرسه ابتدائيه واعداديه،  روضة وحضانه من الميلاد لعمر ٥ سنوات

انقر هنا لزيارة رابط الروضه والحضانه

ARA Students are Learning Qu'ran and Arabic at our Islamic School as part of our daily schedule  

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summer program 

fun and learning  activities 
ask us for details

English, Arabic, Quran and more

                          البرنامج الصيفي   

نجمع المتعه والعلم معا. حصص عربي و قران وبرامج ترفيهيه

United Way 

United Way advances the common good in communities across the world. their focus is on education, income and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life. Click Here


A free and confidential service that helps people across the U.S. and in many parts of Canada find the local resources they need. Translated to many languages to help you connect to the service you need. Click here

Saturday April 20th 

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

Awards and dinner